International Klezmer Festival – Tzfat 18-20/8

Tens of thousands of international and local visitors are expected to attend this year (18-20.8) the International Klezmer Festival in Tzfat, the biggest festival of Jewish soul music in the world that is in its 28th year in Tzfat.

The Klezmer Festival is no doubt one of the biggest events in the Israeli cultural calendar. Numerous unique musical performances are given by the best Klezmer musicians from Israel who performs with other international Klezmer greats. Stages are set up in the old historical alleys of Tzfat which lend a special atmosphere to the festival. In addition to the many performances (free entrance to all of them) there will also be many other activities in the city. They will include a stage for "Klezmerim for Kids", tours and workshops in the spirit of the Kabala and more.

Among the artists appearing this year there will be new great performers such as Dudu Tassa and Miri Mesika and outstanding artists who have been here before, among them: Yonatan Razael, Yishay Rivo, the Lechatchila group, Pirchei Yerushalaim and Neshot Hava, Mussa Berlin, Daniel Zamir, the Reim Duo with Shlomo Bar, Marsh Dendorma, Israel Zohar the international violinist, Eyal Shiloah- the artistic manager of the festival in recent years, Simply Tzfat, various local ensembles, and , international ensembles and artists such as the Hamburg Kleizmers, Kleizmer London Hamsa and more. In addition, as per popular demand, there will be a special stage for artists from the ex-soviet union, among which are: The Besarabia group, Michael Gorodzky, Arkadi Goldstein, Trio Moldova, Sania Kreuter and the Acoustic Drive, Kleizmer Spiel andmore.

"For 28 years the international klezmer festival, one of Tzfat's prominent symbols, and one of the largest and longest running festivals in Israerl, has been celebrated" said the Kleizmer festival chairman, Yigal Shitrit. "Along with the mayor of Tzfat Mr. Ilan Shohat and the festival management, we aspire to renew events every year, reach new audiences and bring new participants to the festival. This year we expect a truly exciting celebration full of artists, and all free of charge".

After the festival, (23-27/8) there will be an international Master Class, given by the foremost artists in the world of Klezmer music and performances from young artists from all over the world.


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